Topia Landscape Design

Topia Landscape Design uses horticulture to create the space you want to live in. New build site, an overgrown garden and the tired courtyard requiring an aesthetic update.
All sites hold inspiration for design, playing with surrounding architecture, environment and landscape.  Existing features,   quirky elements placed to achieve an individual and unique picture.
I involve myself  in your project as much, or as little as is required for you to achieve your outdoor objective. 
Small space designs on a balcony, in a courtyard and around the pool requires a high degree of plant performance knowledge and understanding of pot culture.
Large garden designs require knowledge of maturing trees, hedges, lawn corridors interact within  hard landscaped parameters, filling space in time, without leaving one completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of necessary seasonal maintenance to reach the end result.
Understanding the Mid North Coast's subtropical nature and soil variances plays significantly in achieving both that immediate "look" and the long term ""feel".
​Topia Landscape Design primarily works in residential garden spaces, however, as plants are plants whether in a courtyard, parkland or village street, it remains involved in community Pro Bono projects.  
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Garden Designer  Eva Goor

Topia Landscape Design


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